Frequently Asked Questions

1)  Do you sell new or second-hand items?

We sell both!  We know you love getting a good deal on quality previously-loved items, but also understand that it's not always possible to find everything you need second-hand.  We dedicate 50% of the store to new items that you can't always find other places, such as amber teething necklaces, organic skincare and all the best baby carriers.  We're also known for carrying some great new items for women, such as deLux hats, Ark Imports clothing and lots of speciality maternity and nursing items.  Where else can you get it all in the same place?

2) I hear you offer babywearing and classes.  How do I find out more?

We try to update the calendar on this website, but forgive us as we're often too busy helping parents find the perfect baby carrier to get to that!  Our facebook page is one place to find more info, and you can also phone the store at (403) 851-5211 and we'll let you know how to sign up.  

2)  How does consignment work?

Check out the Consign With Us section of this website!  It's not difficult to consign, and you'll start earning 40% of the selling price of your items as they sell.  Many of our consignors love putting this money towards other great items in the store, but you are welcome to take cash for your items too.

3)  What days can I bring in consignment?

The good news is that you can bring in items to be considered for consignment anytime we are open!  We are open seven days a week.

4)  Why don't you accept mature women's and men's clothing?

We'd love to, but just don't have the space.  We've chosen to focus on the children's and young adult market.

5)  Who do you donate unwanted items to?

We support a variety of charities, including the Canadian Diabetes Association and many other smaller groups. 

6)  Are you open weekends and holidays?

Yes, we are open seven days a  week and most statutory holidays.  We do close down for Christmas and New Year's Day, but open most other holidays.  

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